Ostensibly secular contemporary ideologies proffer an alternate path to soteria (Greek:“salvation”) that is entirely self-determined, arguably relativistic, abjures the supernatural, and, for most, this salvation—an immortal state, free of suffering—can be attained through bio/technological conversion into a post-human state, or at least sustaining one’s corporeal being through constant regeneration. Bennu (2015), ash made of my blood, awaits its material resurrection.

My work attends to the body as a contested space, contextualised within a contemporary, expanded definition of body boundaries and expanding on the work of other contemporary artists who dissect the complexities of our modern relationship with our own biomaterials. Through Marking Time (2015), I proffer an alternate eupraxsophic approach to attaining not only salvation (a form of immortality), but also a material legacy that is interwoven with the natural history and narrative of my body over time.