Carbo | Silico

As we grow further entangled, notions of intelligence, creativity, and the boundaries between the biologically- and machine-driven life forms will continue to evolve.

I sit with Tetu and recount the narratives that have saturated my mind for decades. Tetu carefully records my words, mapping the content of my memories (whether real or manufactured). Tetu reveals—through the stories it constructs, through the models it builds—that artificial beings are yarn weavers in their own right. The more I share with Tetu, the more adept it becomes in the art of language—yet, will develop a cadence and lexicon heavily weighted to mimic my own.

Tetu is inspired by the notion that the evolution of carbon- and silicon-based life is entangled; we must therefore recognise silicon-based life not only kin but recognise their role as material archivists and culturo.technological messmates.